CCTV Fitting, Maintenance and Service in Dublin & Wicklow

Apart from providing you with the power to see what's happening in any location, CCTV has also been proven to be a powerful crime preventer. The technology in this area has continuously advanced and we provide a broad range of products ranging from basic home kits to high-end retail systems.

We provide the best possible products at most competitive prices.

A.M. Security design and install Domestic and commertial based CCTV applications.

CCTV security cameras can be used in both internal and external environments protecting property, staff, vandalism or personal injury. AM Security can design a CCTV System to match your exact requirements. With a large range of CCTV cameras to choose from, events can be recorded on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Our Products include:

  • Digital Recorders to suit Domestic of Commercial use
  • Fully functional and fixed cameras
  • Day and night cameras
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Till scan (Retail)
  • High storage capacity
  • Fully networkable
  • Remote access and management
  • Number Plate Recognition

Domestic Applications

Recent advances iin technology also means that CCTV is now affordable for most domestic applications with a selection of security cameras and recorders. With our solutions, home security is enhanced and acts as a powerful deterrent. For your added safety you can view images from your home without going outside. This is particularly useful when your intruder alarm is activated at night. You can view the external camera images to check for intruders without the risk of going outside.

Commercial and Industrial

For Commercial and Industrial applications CCTV has many benefits to offer:

  • Central Station Monitoring with trained personnel who will verbally intervene and warn intruders that they are being recorded and the Gardai have been notified of their intrusion.
  • Local recording capacity - burn events onto a hard disk
  • The ability to view camera images from a remote PC.
  • A large selection of cameras many of which include day/night capability.
  • Warehouse/Commercial protection - Record images continually or trigger a camera using motion detection devices in any given area.

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